LDI 2.0

Leadership Development Institute (LDI) 2.0

Our Leadership Development Institute (LDI) 2.0 program expands on the skills developed in the two-week LDI program, giving teens the chance to build on their leadership skills and learn the art of facilitation. LDI 2.0 is a three week program – participants spend two weeks at Orkila taking on more leadership in the camp environment with a deeper emphasis on youth work and service, and they spend seven days sea kayaking around Orcas Island.

Community plays an important role in the LDI 2.0 program. This three-week course challenges teens to work together and build a cohesive group, which in turn creates deepened connections amongst the participants and their trip leaders. LDI 2.0 is a great way to develop responsibility, and provides avenues for self-discovery. By combining youth work experiences with intentional workshops and activities, teens have the opportunity to take on a bigger role in defining their camp experience.

Teens will also have a more robust wilderness experience as they embark on their sea kayaking expedition. For seven days, they will work together to navigate the waters around Orcas island, returning to Orkila having paddled around 32 nautical miles of coastline. More time spent on the water means stronger skill development and more opportunities for leadership as each teen takes on the responsibility of guiding their peers as “Leader of the Day”.

Upon completion of an LDI 2.0 course, teens will leave Orkila with increased knowledge about themselves and their own capabilities, having built connections with a community of peers, and having made a difference in the lives of young people. Many of these lessons and experiences will transfer directly into their lives outside of camp, and teens will return to school, clubs, sports teams, and other activities as stronger and more competent leaders.

LDI 2.0 is a level 3 program in Camp Orkila’s Teen Leadership Progression. Each step is progressive, building upon lessons from the previous experience. Completing this sequence is a great way to prepare for applying to join the Orkila summer staff, though completion is not a prerequisite of employment.

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LDI 2.0 Program Specifics
Food and Lodging

LDI 2.0 participants stay in open air cabins in Tracy Strong Village. Cabins are co-gendered. While on their expedition, participants will sleep under tarps, separated by gender. Participants at camp have meals in Tracy Strong lodge and work together to cook meals while on expedition.
Expedition Component

As LDI 2.0 participants, teens will embark on a seven-day sea kayaking expedition and attempt a circumnavigation of Orcas Island – carrying everything that they need with them in their sea kayaks. Teens will have the opportunity to be “Leader of the Day” with another participant and will spend each night camping under tarps. The goal of this trip is to help teens develop strong peer-to-peer leadership skills and grow self-confidence through wilderness travel and skill development.

*Camp Orkila can also provide clothing and equipment for participants unable to provide their own – Please call us at 206.382.5009 if you have a need or any questions.
Service Component

Service is a big part of leadership. Every LDI session incorporates a planned service component so the group can contribute to the Orkila or Orcas Island community in a small but impactful way. Service projects have included partnering with local farms to plant or harvest vegetables, working with community organizations and improving camp infrastructure. Upon completion of the program, participants receive 20 hours of community service. LDI 2.0 participants will also complete a culminating project that they will develop themselves.

In addition to traditional camp activities, LDI 2.0 participants will also have the opportunity to take part in some intentional workshops. All LDI 2.0 participants will learn about leadership, communication techniques and working with youth. Our Trip Leaders may also incorporate other workshops and activities that explore community development, storytelling, facilitation and other areas of interest.