Q) Do I need to know how to sail or kayak before coming to camp?
  • No. We just ask that all participants come with a willingness to learn
Q) Do I need to bring my own bike for a bike expedition?
  • No. We can provide bikes fitted with racks for participants. If you wish to use your own bike, be sure that it is good working condition and is mounted with a rack that can accommodate panniers or bike bags. Racks can be purchased and fitted by your local bike shop
Q) Do I need to bring all of my own gear and equipment?
  • No. We are able to provide all necessary gear to participants at camp
Q) How does the camping and housing work at camp?
  • All Teen Expedition campers stay in the Tracy Strong Village at Camp Orkila in open-air cabins sleeping 10 to 12 campers and 2 staff
  • Cabins are co-ed with boys on one side and girls on another. Campers can change in the bath house in Tracy Strong Village
  • All cabins have a locked storage area for campers and staff when they are not at camp
  • Each cabin has wooden bunks with foam mattresses. Bunks are two high
  • Campers may stay one to three nights at the start of their program and one or two nights at the end
  • Specific nights in camp can be found in the trip specific itinerary
  • When groups are in the field they stay in organized city, state, federal and private campgrounds. Groups sleep under tarps, which they set up. Tarps are single gender. There are no tents in teen programs
Q) What are the bathrooms like at camp?
  • Teens have access to the heated bathhouse in the Tracy Strong Village. This facility has disabled access showers and individual showers. The individual showers are covered, open air facilities on the outside of the building
Q) What is the food like at camp?
  • Teens eat in either Tracy Strong or Larry Norman Lodge
  • meals are served "family style" with large portions shared by table and trip groups
  • Campers help set up the lodge for each meal and also help clean up after each meal
  • Meals are served at 8:15am, 12:30pm, and 6:00pm
  • The last dinner of the session is a barbecue in Tracy Strong Field
  • The kitchen can accommodate most dietary needs. Vegetarian, gluten free and diary free options are included in every meal